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11th Wednesday 2012
I am no angel. (niall/justin, sexting, incomplete)

I like it when you talk talk dirty when you talk talk

the others could give him shit for being a fangirl as much as they wanted but niall was making connections. thinks uncle simon would be proud. and anyway louis totally has a poster of chad michael murray in their tour bus but no one ever mentions that.

he can admit that the drunk tweets he used to send bieber before the X-Factor are embarrassing. but he never really allowed himself to believe that the idea of Justin Bieber acknowledging his existence was anything more than a daydream.

zayn is the first one to see it when Bieber tweets

‘congrats to my dudes @onedirection for the #1 album on itunes and @thewantedmuisc for the #2 on singles. We share the same queen. #Canadian’.

they’re all giddy on the news to begin with, niall’s been biting his cuticles down and draws blood with a snap of teeth when zayn lets out a hoot. “ni-all,” harry sing songs. “you might want to get a change of underwear,” reading whatever it is on the screen of zayn’s phone over his shoulder.

“what is it.” niall grabs for the phone but harry plucks it out of his reach and dances away the same time louis stumbles in crowing, “niall you are going to piss yourself.”


he does get a little light headed when the boys tell him with shit eating grins that he can respond for them and bieber tweets something back about him being a good guy.


“you’re lookin’ kinda desperate with those, hey DM man!’s,” zayn informs him over breakfast, imitating niall’s tweet in a high girlish voice for emphasis. niall shrugs, not really self-conscious, and doesn’t rub it in zayn’s face too much when literally a little bird tells him later that day he has a message from @justinbieber.


it starts off with normal pleasantries, they’re both so used to talking to strangers by now it doesn’t seem weird. they exchange a couple messages throughout the day until niall is laying in his hotel bed, thankfully he won the rock paper scissor for the single this time, eyes squinting against the brightness of his iphone.

it must be pretty cool gettin to tour with other guys

niall isn’t sure where this line is going, he didn’t imagine his first conversation with justin bieber would be the same kind of inane small talk they always got in interviews. but he wasn’t planning on stopping responding until justin did.

yeh having mates ‘round rlly helps. it’s gotta be tough goin it alone

would it be weird for him to ask how often he got to see selena? he didn’t want to seem creepy or like he was implying anything. they weren’t exactly friends yet.

so I hear you’re a big fan

it’s a bit of a non-sequitur in niall’s mind but he goes along with it. it’s not really a secret by the way he blathers on to reporters about bieber.

sure man, massive

how /massive/?

niall bites his lip at that. …is he? niall has a dirty mind to begin with but so does every teenager. there’s no way justin doesn’t know what that sounds like. he worries his bottom lip between his teeth and tries to keep it vague enough that if he’s wrong it could go either way. but it sounded to niall like justin bieber was asking about his penis. and he isn’t opposed to that.

the biggest. for sure out of the 5 of us

really.. how do u know for sure.?

niall swallows. that was a little more blatant. justin wouldn’t be asking if they compare the sizes of their Bieber wall collages.

it’s all out in the open w/ us

it’s true enough, he can’t count the number of times they’ve seen each other naked and getting harry to keep it in his pants is a full time job.

do u guys ever.., help each other out

u know, give each other a hand

this feels like it’s important, like it’s the tipping point. he could shut it down still, there are little tendrils of fear curling around his heart that say this is a prank, he’s been hacked. what are you doing. but it’s too good of an opportunity to pass up and he’s already got a semi under the sheets. he rolls over onto his stomach.


desperate times nd all that

would you give me a hand ??

so maybe he’s being a bit of a pussy about this. it probably couldn’t be more obvious what justin was getting at than if he’d said “asl? wanna cyber? ;)” but niall still isn’t sure if he can be the first one to bring it out into the open.

would if i could man

that’s alright i’ve got my own hand

u could still help me though

that sends a hot thrill to the pit of his stomach and he bunches up a pillow to prop under his armpits.


..i’d like that

do u ever ..think about me?

niall doesn’t want to sound too eager, knows it probably wouldn’t be too sexy to say something that makes it seem like he jerks it to tiger beat every night. but before he can formulate a response there’s that soft blue glow coming from his phone again.

are u thinking about me right now

easy enough to answer.

wondering what it would b like if u were here

so what would u do if i was there??

that sends niall’s mind spiralling for a second. every wank fantasy he’s had flashes behind his his eyelids. him inside justin to the hilt up against a dirty brick wall behind some venue, the screams of rabid girls dangerously close; bringing him home to mullingar just to bend him over the desk in his old bedroom; getting to feel the hot plush of the back of his throat at 40,000 ft. there’s almost too much to choose from but justin’s already carrying on.

would u get on your knees for me

there’s not really any lying to himself, he’s thought about it. wondered if he would feel powerful, justin’s hands tugging at his hair with millions of people murderously jealous of what he was getting to do. but he’s done being complacent in this.

i’d make u ask for it.

make u tell me what u want

he pulls the corner of his lip between his teeth, nerves picking up, what if that’s the wrong thing to say.

i want u on ur knees

i’m telling. not asking.

niall groans, shifts his hips down into the mattress. but he can’t help his response, snickering.

if i sucked ur cock would u be my boyfrend?

if u let me fuk that cute irish face of urs I might.

that punches something deep in niall’s chest, knows his cheeks are probably splotchy red. but any time he’s imagined what it would be like, if he ever had the chance to realize his spank bank, he was always in charge. the one that made justin take it. but this can work for him too.

id hold you down for it. get u pinned, think ur stronger than me?

his hips have started a slow circle against the sheets, the friction bringing him to full hardness in his briefs. not sure how long this conversation will last, how ephemeral it is, how long he can last before he shoves a hand in his boxers.

would you swallow it when i cum down ur throat?

niall’s mouth floods with wet, can almost feel the weight on his tongue, wonders if he’d choke. if he’d like that. but



niall knows exactly what he wants now. and that isn’t it. he sinks a hand down under the sheets to wrap around himself, gives himself a few tugs, grunts, like he’s physically pumping up his courage.

you don’t get to cum

not til im balls deep in ur ass

oh yea??

niall rolls onto his back again, works his pants down so they’re hanging off one ankle, props his back against a pillow. it’s hard to type with one thumb when the other is busy pressing under his cock head, stroking down to squeeze himself at the base.

id make you bounce on my dick

kno u’r gaggin fr it

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