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17th Monday 2012

imagedazy-laze replied to your post: I want a fic where Louis acts similar to Draco in…

OMG now I’m thinking about Louis and Maya’s Draco interacting.

I just want Louis constantly side eyeing everyone and being suspicious of their motives and only deigning to grace them with his company (until he realizes he’s actually grown to care about them) and going off on rants on why it is vital VITAL!! that his vocal exercises not be interrupted (because he needs so be successful to support his mother and sisters and failing them is not an option)  

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  1. dazy-laze said: NO OMG YOU NEED TO CONTINUE. *chinhands* HARRY AS TERRY, WEEP. You are officially a genius. Louis being baffled by Liam’s endless bumbling earnestness - like he’s ACTUALLY SERIOUS ABOUT EVERYTHING - is something I never knew I needed.
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